Blackout Bingo

Blackout bingo is one of the most popular types of bingo patterns.  When your playing bingo online or maybe even at your local VFW organizations usually use this pattern for their jackpot games because it is the most difficult pattern to get and therefore makes the game longer and more exciting for everyone.

black out bingo cardThree examples of Blackout patterns in both 75, 80 and 90 ball bingo.

In 75-ball blackout bingo you have to cover all 25 spots on your bingo card. It takes at least 24 calls to cover them all, since you get the middle spot for free. Make sure to pay close attention to the Bingo Caller to make sure you don’t miss any of the numbers called!

It may take a minimum of 24 calls to get a blackout bingo, but if you happened to get one in fewer than even 40 calls you would be considered a very lucky person. Most blackout bingo games end between the 55th to 60th call, depending on how many players are in the game. Also a new growing trend if a blackout is not called within the first 60 balls it is rolled over until the next blackout bingo game. This can make the prizes very large and have scene a few jackpots being well over $2,000.00

As for 80 ball bingo, all 16 squares must be covered for a blackout bingo, and in 90 ball bingo a Full House (with all 27 squares marked off) is considered a  blackout bingo.

Did you know that many bingo rooms offer no deposit bingo bonuses as well as other games including slots. You can even play scratch cards while you are playing bingo online at some of these sites.

Getting Started With Bingo

bingo-siteIf you’d like to start playing this game you will easily find Bingo sites that you can use to learn the game. Online Bingo is increasingly popular and you will make friends from all over the world while you’re playing it.

While there are quite a few variants of Bingo that you can play, you only have to learn one of them to start having fun.

You have below a description for each type of Bingo, so choose the one that appeals most to you, or simply go with one of the more popular variants.

In order to get started with Bingo, you have to create an account with a Bingo site. Some of them will be free to play, but you can’t expect to make money when you win. Others will give you some free money to play with. The game is played online by buying bingo cards and then, when the computer calls numbers, the player has to mark the ones that he’s got on his card.

Once you have an account, you will either be able to start playing immediately if the site uses Flash or JavaScript as a platform or you will be required to download the site’s software and install it on your computer.

As the computer gives you numbers, you have to look carefully at the cards you have and mark the ones you have. The software will not do it for you, so if you don’t mark them, you might miss out on a win. As soon as you have the required pattern, you have to call Bingo. If everything is in order, the Bingo site will declare you the winner and transfer the money to your account.

While you can get multiple cards when you’re playing Bingo, as a beginner you should be focusing on just a few, up to four cards ideally. Once you get a bit of experience and there is no longer the risk of getting confused, you can start playing with more cards.

Depending on the site you choose to play on, you will find that some of them offer features that make a beginner’s life easier. One of those features allows the cards to be marked automatically as the numbers are called, while another one automatically shows you the cards with the best odds that you own.

Bingo Bonuses

If you want to try Bingo out and see for yourself how fun it is, you should make sure you get the most out of the bonuses that are offered by most sites when you first sign up with them. These sites usually offer two types of bonuses to players that sign up with them.

If you don’t want to spend money but you still want to see how playing with cash feels like, some Bingo sites will offer you a bonus that doesn’t require a deposit. They basically give you some money to play with, but there are certain conditions that have to be met before you withdraw money if you win.

The more typical scenario is where you sign up with a Bingo site and they offer you a bonus the first time you fund your account. There will be some conditions that have to be met before you will be able to take money out, but overall the bonus is a great idea and you should try to maximize it by funding your account accordingly.

Bingo Chat Rooms

One of the more important features of Bingo rooms that exist online is their focus on offering their players a way to entertain themselves while the game of Bingo is in progress. That’s where the chat room comes in, a feature that is especially important with Bingo sites. Most of them make sure that they have one and they even have moderators for them, which keep the discussions going and make sure that the atmosphere is friendly.

Since much of the audience of these sites is formed by females, the sites try to keep them on the site for as long as possible, by offering them access to the other players and helping them make new friends. It’s a feature that the other gambling sites don’t focus that heavily on.

Mobile Bingo

While it’s something that is worked on, Bingo for mobile phones is typically not as good as the version that is offered online. The problem is that the game focuses quite a bit on the social aspect and on allowing players to interact with each other, which doesn’t make life easy for developers of mobile apps. Still, if you want to play Bingo on your mobile phone, you definitely have the means to do it and mobile Bingo is actually a growing market for operators of this game.

The Bingo Odds Breakdown

bingo-oddsWhen it comes to figuring out odds in bingo, all you have to do is determine the ratio of the number of cards you’re playing to how many cards are being played in total. Sounds pretty easy, right?

Not exactly. You’re probably wondering which numbers come up most often in the game, but here’s the secret: No ball is more likely to appear more often than another. That is assuming that the balls weren’t tampered with and that the blower machine has a complete set of 75 balls.

Bingo is a simple game, but there’s no one formula that’s going to help you win. However, there are a few things you can do to have the odds lean a little more in your favor:

1. Avoid the crowds: Odds strongly depend on how many cards are in play in a game. Therefore, the fewer the people, the better. If you find yourself in the bingo hall on a regular basis, you’ll be able to determine which sessions have a smaller crowd. If the hall you attend never seems to have a decent crowd, this may be due to jackpots that aren’t all that great.

2. Play multiple cards: Buy as many cards as you think you can handle at once to increase your chances to win – this will keep you from getting bored, too! If you have more cards than the rest of the people playing, you’ve instantly increased your odds of winning, even if it’s only a little bit. Look around to see how many cards everyone else is playing, and go for the average of that or even add a few cards. The only downside to this is that multiple cards can lead to a loss of more money; you’re paying more for a buy-in than other players. Don’t play more cards than you’re comfortable with.

3. Choose non-duplicate cards: Many players attempt to increase their chances of winning by choosing cards that don’t duplicate the numbers they already have on other cards. This way, at least one of the cards may have the number being called.

4. Hold your cards over: Some halls will let you keep the same cards from session to session, which may be to your benefit. Many people think that continuing to play the same cards will increase their chances of winning.

5. Stay alert: This is more of a reminder than a tip – just pay attention! You can’t win if you don’t hear the numbers being called or forget the pattern you’re hoping to cover.

Many players have rituals that they believe will help them out, while others stick to a formula to determine the odds of certain numbers winning. Neither of these are sure-fire ways to win a game of bingo, but practicing these tips definitely won’t hurt your chances of scoring big!

Shopping Around for the Best Online Bingo

Free Online Bingo Lets You Test the Software

With all of the talk surrounding online bingo these days, there is little doubt it has peaked your interest. You want to know what all the fuss is. If you happen to be wondering what online bingo is all about, then we have news for you – the free online bingo games are exactly what you need.

If you really want to find out what the benefits of online bingo are, what the online bingo experience is like, and why free online bingo is the best option for a beginner, then all you need to do is browse the Internet and find a site that is suited for you.

Before you choose a site to play online bingo and actually lay some money on it, shop around and study all of the possibilities that are available. Most sites offer free online bingo as an enticement to would-be players.

Free online bingo lets you test out the online bingo software and allows you the opportunity of seeing the quality graphics the site has to offer. This way, you can learn all of the different variations of bingo games and practice them at no cost whatsoever.

When you feel comfortable with a bingo site, all you need to do is select a payment method, fill an application form and start playing. Online bingo is very convenient, because you end up not needing to move anywhere to kill a few hours playing bingo. And if it’s free online bingo, better still.

Even if you have to register at the site, you can do so without any commitment, since in most cases you don’t have to provide a credit card number, at least not until you decide to play “real money” games. All you need to provide is your user name, a password, and an e-mail address. Some sites don’t even need you to do this. You can explore the site as a guest and if you decide to join, you complete the registration.

Free online bingo sites allow you to practice for as long as you want, giving you the time you need to acquire the trust and experience necessary, and you’re comfortable enough and ready to make a deposit.

Pay Attention

Players must pay a lot of attention to the game caller, because numbers are announced rather quickly, usually only 10 seconds apart. As a result, one of your numbers may be called and you may not catch it, so be careful and mark your numbers quickly and accurately on your cards.

You are required to play until you complete a “bingo” pattern – a straight line with five numbers, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Most of the sites offer three or four cards at once, but there are some sites that give the players the option of acquiring more cards.

You continue playing until one or more players complete a bingo pattern and calls “Bingo!” Once the bingo has been claimed, the computer will proceed to verify all of the numbers, and the game is finished.

When the winning cards are checked, the prize is awarded and a new game is started. If there are two winners, the prize is split evenly between the two.

The Different Versions of Bingo Games

One of the primary reasons bingo games are such a huge hit all over the world is their absolute simplicity. Bingo games are easy to play. Anyone can learn the simple rules in a matter of moments.

The game is so simple that different versions have been developed, in order to give the bingo player a bit of variety. In fact, the game has suffered little or no changes to its rules of play.

Traditional Bingo Games

These are the classic bingo games. Originally, and still remaining as one of the most traditional versions of bingo games, the player needs to fill five spaces in a row – in either a horizontal, vertical, or even diagonal row.

Pattern Bingo Games

In these types of bingo games, the players need to complete specifically designated patterns in order to win. These patterns come in the shape of postage stamps, all four corners, or even blackouts, among many other options.

Blackout Bingo Games

In order to win at these bingo games, the player must completely fill in the card as the jackpot increases, until a player calls bingo.

Combination Bingo Games

With these types of bingo games, the player can actually play a variety of games using the very same card. After a player wins the first game, a new type of bingo game is started without changing the cards.

Progressive Prize Bingo Games

In progressive prize bingo games, the players need to achieve a certain combination within the specific time established beforehand. Players can only win when accomplishing the combination before the time is up.

There are many ways to make the bingo games interesting, and there are plenty of different possible combinations.

Are You Looking for a Good Online Bingo Site?

Finding a good online bingo site can be difficult. Here are some of the key features that you will want to consider:

The Cost of the Bingo Cards

An online bingo player must look for certain characteristics that will always separate the bad sites from the good ones.

The object of online bingo, besides having fun, of course, is to make some extra money, right? So, it is very important that you choose the very best site possible, in order to protect your money and your personal information.

The first important detail should be the value of the bingo cards themselves. Many sites offer bingo cards with a value ranging from 50 cents to one dollar.

A good idea is to enter the website first, and then find out how many people are playing at any given moment, before actually comparing the cost of the cards to the amount of the prize that is being given.

Chat Rooms, Variants of the Game, and Customer Service

The second characteristic of major importance is the minimum deposit necessary in order to open a “real money” account. The smart move would be to find out firsthand. But if you are new to the whole online bingo movement, choose an online bingo site that requires a low amount for opening the account.

Find out if the online bingo site has chat rooms or a chat feature. This makes the online bingo experience a lot more fun, and gives the online experience something akin to the “community” atmosphere of a bingo parlor or church hall.

It is also worthwhile to check out the number of different variants of the game of bingo the site may offer. These variants make online bingo even more fun to play.

Finally, it is important that you not forget the customer service department. Make certain the online bingo site you choose features a dedicated 24/7 customer care department. More importantly, see if their contact information is posted in an easily visible location on the website.

This is good for the people who are getting so much enjoyment from this form of entertainment, and it is also nice to see that some of these casino games are becoming popular once again.

Bingo Strategies for Playing Online

Chat Rooms and Your Fellow Players

The good thing about playing online is that through chat rooms you can get all the information you need to help you win some serious money. Be aware that the chat rooms are not only entertaining, but can also give you direct access to the experiences of those who have already tried gaming on the Web.

You must always observe the online bingo sites for upcoming specials, nightly tournaments, and free comps for participating in the action. Those who become regulars on any site often receive incentives to keep playing and chatting.

If you really want a few helpful tips and a bit of friendly advice, talk to your fellow players in the online bingo community. They’ll stand by you and give you advice any time of day.

Some Friendly Advice to Consider

The best part of playing bingo is that you can win even if you don’t have any experience. Bingo is a game played for fun and is highly unpredictable, and you simply have no way of knowing if you are going to win or lose.

But you always can follow some helpful suggestions, as well as certain strategic tips. True, there are some people that do not bingo to be a game of strategy, but you never really know. If not strategies per se, then at least some friendly advice to consider once you make the decision to play.

Try to avoid full games, look out for those who have a good balance of bingo players, since that way you will have more possibilities of winning.

Try to select your own cards, because that improves your chances of winning.

You have more chances of winning if you play more cards, but you must be careful. Anything taken to extremes is a bad thing. Do not take more cards than you can watch if you have to daub them yourself.